Never Let Them Take You Alive

Ali, 21, people-watcher and bike riding fiend. Find my real blog at thedrawingmannequin on blogspot.
Feel free to creep and I will gladly creep back in a totally mutual non-creepy way.

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Liisa Chisholm

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Mammillaria senilis Lodd. ex Salm-Dyck, Houtte, L. van, Flore des serres et des jardin de l’Europe [L. van Houtte], vol. 21: t. 0 (1845)
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The Sims 4: Welcome to Willow Creek

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Conclusion from tonight: Porsches are super fast and zoomy. And the guy who drives it is super kind, punny, and totally stylish (ie. cuffed jeans and wingtips). Yay for making new friends!

Beard and Stripes

Navajo Rug

Abundance | oil on canvas | 55 x 48” | 2014 |  website

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