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Herro der! I'm Ali, a 20-year old Art major. I'm super into bikes, all things Zelda, and people-watching. My "real" blog is at thedrawingmannequin on blogspot.
Feel free to creep and I will gladly creep back in a totally mutual non-creepy way.

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*blogs dramatically about my feelings*


Elie Saab - Spring Summer 2014

Shark Pool By Hisashi Okawa $10.00 6Color Riso Print 11”x17” Edition of 50

welp, I approached the dude today and sorta nervously asked, “Can I ask you something really quick?” and he sort of froze and gave me a wide-eyed look (and from that I sort of knew something was off, but by now I was mentally prepared for it). I asked him if there was any sort of relationship going on between us or not and told him that I was okay either way but just wanted a clear answer, and he looked at me a little funny and said that he didn’t think there was. I sort of laughed it off and said okay, well, thanks for giving me a straight up answer, I just wanted to know and I appreciate you telling me that, and he had to get to class and said we could talk about it later if we wanted.

I mean, I’m relieved that I now know what’s up, but that whole awkward two weeks of being cryptic was odd behavior. It’s strange that I had to ask him about it and mind-boggling that he wouldn’t tell me he didn’t feel a connection or anything. I thought kisses were like a special thing but apparently not? I mean honestly I’m glad I could have had my first ever kiss with him opposed to something that was random and not cute (cmon that was cute pokemon cmon) bUT wouldn’t you want to tell someone if it wasn’t a mutual thing? Also why would you hold my hand a week later if there was nothing going on. Don’t fake that kind of stuff. Fake emotions suck. CONFUSION REIGNS but things are clear and okay now. Huff huff. Whataday.


i am the world’s best dragon slayer. you ever seen a dragon round here? no? you’re welcome.

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what have i found

Lost Woods ▴ Twilight Princess locations 6/?

kelsey your sweet message is still making me teary

you are the best


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Meghan Hildebrand.

Jordan Kasey

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